Though he managed to knock Megatron's cannon loose early in the scuffle, Megatron managed to turn the tables on the Autobot leader, reattach his primary weapon, and blast his old foe. He wondered why Red Jet didn't just fly out. These three helped the other Autobots repair themselves with the aid of the Ark's computer. The tide of the battle now shifted, Optimus attempted to reach Grimlock's consciousness within The Beast so that its mindless carnage could come to a halt. Though Misaki warned him not to get too invested in a practice race, Prime took the challenge seriously and won the race by briefly transforming into robot mode, thus tricking Saber into slowing down in anticipation of a fight. Just as Prime was about to report back to Kihara, however, Megatron struck, demanding that Prime hand over both the shard and Wataru. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. In the G1 cartoon series, (toward the end of season 2, "War Dawn") he was a young power-plant worker named "Orion Packs" who went on to become the great Optimus Prime. BeCool show with Tank Lorry on his team. In one possible scenario, Optimus was surprised to see Beachcomber return to Autobot headquarters soon after his departure. Squaktalk is exactly the kind of name you’d expect a Transformer to have, probably a Decepticon. While on the way to the Senate, Orion met with Froid, who warned him that the Ascenticon Guard recruit Quake was a socipathic veteran with a violence addiction—although Orion was only able to get Froid on his way after promising to investigate the matter. Unable to deny Megatron's accusation that he had hoped to use Wataru's power to defeat him, Prime lost his concentration and was taken down by the Decepticon leader. Prime delivered a load of shoes to schoolchildren in a South American ad for. Enemy of My Enemy Part Two Seeking to win the war against the aliens once and for all, the human-built Skynet computer system dispatched a T-800 Terminator back in time to destroy all Cybertronians before they could ever awaken. volume 7, Optimus Prime put Silverbolt in charge of the Aerialbots in part to distract Silverbolt from his fear of heights. Optimus awoke and revived the other Autobots with his energon reserves, before traveling to Port Cenotaph, Nova Scotia where an Elder God had risen from the sea. –Finishing Blow–, GT-R Prime was racing against GT-R Saber and GT-R Maximus when they were rudely interrupted by GT-R Megatron, a ruthless racer out to prove his worth by defeating all others. Unable to restore order in time to halt the Decepticons’ plot, Optimus and the rest of his team were destroyed in the ensuing earthquake. Upon hearing these news, Optimus gathered a squad of Autobots and headed out to stop the evil robots. The first is that the car version isn’t a real car, just a random lump shaped vaguely like a car. Joe who teamed up with Wheeljack and Bumblebee. Venturing further into the lab, the group soon spotted the antidote they were after, and sent Mirage to fetch it. Prime and the other Autobots set up a subterranean base below the Cube's impact crater and began their search for the shards, taking the forms of local vehicles to hide their activities. This provoked Rumble into "assisting" his leader with an earthquake that destroyed the Decepticons' entire superfuel operation. Another is his bringing of the Transformers' conflict to Earth. Joe vs. the Transformers #6, On a Cybertron dominated by Shockwave and the Decepticons, Optimus Prime and the Autobots took on the roles of resistance fighters. Awarded to the winner of a door prize at Transformers convention Botcon in 2007, Hasbro toy engineers replaced the normal face of Optimus with that of the winner. Not only that, but this toy was based on the Lucky Draw version of the Transformers 2007 movie Optimus Prime, making an already rare toy even rarer. After his attack on Optimus Prime, Megatron was thrown out of the Ark when Blackarachnia activated the ship's defense systems. Legends Bonus Vol. Not wanting to overstay his welcome and preferring to leave Cybertron's leadership in its existing hands, he bid farewell to the Mistress of Flame and Windblade and departed for parts unknown. After discovering that Megatron's new weapon was the Proudstar, Optimus initially tried to preserve the Cybertronian history contained on its Ferrotaxis supercomputer. Countering Sentinel's notion to simply use overwhelming force, Orion promised that he'd be able to peacefully de-escalate the situation instead. And as you’d expect, there are some rare Transformers toys, so rare you’ll occasionally have to look further than eBay to find them. Angry Birds Transformers, The components necessary for building "Construct-Bot" Optimus Prime were accessible within the Cybertron construction zone. Optimus and Magnus were astounded their plan actually worked. A G1 Japanese Raiden collection in not great buy okay shape sold for $1,330. In the third nexus, Optimus oversaw Ironhide testing Sparkplug's latest invention, the Sun-Pak, a miraculous device capable of fuelling a Transformer for an entire Earth day after being charged for only an hour in sunlight. Optimus and his troops soon found themselves running on empty, and Optimus called for a retreat. With a new giant laser-targeting rocket launcher, ripple-fire missile blaster and armor-piercing discs, Optimus was ready to immobilize Megatron once and for all. It was "Cloud Megatron," who had also survived his inter-dimensional trip, and had come to continue his fight against his nemesis. Joe's headquarters, Optimus found Doctor Venom controlling a robotic suit made out of the remains of both Bumblebee and Soundwave. Roughly two years later, however, events would force him back into the Autobots. He considered dealing with Ramjet and Starscream first. Just sitting, rusting. Sentinel's responses only got worse from there. Renegade leader Cy-Kill attempted to court the Spy Changers as allies, but Optimus saw through Cy-Kill's deception. The Autobots need a decisive, charismatic leader and that is what he gives them. First Fast Attack! Before Optimus could puzzle out who this humanoid was, the group came under attack by the local Megatron. Slaves of the Insecticons When Megatron planned to drain the world's largest supertanker, Optimus had the oil tainted with a corrosive acid, sabotaging the Decepticon submersible. During this period, he befriended another young Cybertronian, Megatron, and the two eventually became good friends. The Master Builders Following the return of the Aerialbots from a trip to Cybertron, they told Optimus and Elita One about how they'd encountered Orion Pax and Ariel. G1 Autobot Optimus Prime Truck Red with Robot on Chassis from Transformers TV Series Hollywood Rides Series Diecast Model by Jada 99477, 1:32 Scale 4.1 out of 5 stars 55. Joe in their mission to destroy Cobra and the Decepticons. ?Boom!Music/SFM by Valve His sense of responsibility in this regard was a bit too great for his own good, as it often left him worrying about things outside of his control. The World In Your Eyes Part One Shortly afterwards, Orion was forced to intervene when Chromia reported that the energon specialist Brainstorm had been murdered by an unknown assailant; however, Orion ordered her to send more ground forces to Megatron's rally in Tarn in case things got ugly. The nature of their surroundings established, Megatron resumed the scheduled beating, but a series of setting shifts ended with Optimus reunited with Grimlock. The Autobots finally allied with humankind and eventually defeated the Decepticons at the turn of the century. He sent Bumblebee on an underwater scouting mission, and took part in a pitched battle that ended in the Decepticon's being defeated. The Autobots' Secret Weapon. Though Optimus lashed out at Gnaw upon awakening, the other rebels quickly cleared up the misunderstanding, assuring Prime that the Sharkticon was their ally. From Cybertron to Earth the War Continues... After a long period of stalemate, Prime grew frustrated at the lack of progress his troops were making against Megatron's forces. Creation! No for sale sign. Available for $7.59. As a Senator, Orion would help out Bumblebee at some point, to the point where the yellow 'bot owed him a favor. Prime suspected Cobra's involvement and counseled Hot Rod not to be so dismissive of the humans. Like Guard City, it’s extraordinarily rare, so much so that you can’t even find listing online. After a mind-crushing journey which left all of his companions dead or deranged, Sandstorm finally found an audience with the Authority and his brethren, but they declined to help, with the Authority stating that their time was past and the war was no longer their war. Prime dived at Wataru and hauled him away from the shard, returning things to normal, but leaving Prime with grave concerns over what the strange occurrence might mean. Transformers. Sold and shipped by TFSource. Wow. Their mission successful, Hosehead and Fizzle then sprang Prime from his cell, and the team beat a hasty retreat. volume 2 Optimus continued to do battle against Astrotrain until Rodimus showed up to provide the Autobots with additional firepower. Optimus tries to tell this to Windblade, and tells her to ignore the voices in her head, but it's of no avail as she succumbs and Optimus has to knock some sense into her. In another iteration, Optimus had to decide whether he should send his Autobots away to the safety of a nearby bridge while he fended off the encroaching Decepticon horde, or if he should remain by the side of his troops as they all made a break for the bridge. In the forest, Trailer observed the lost Red Jet and Yellow Sports Car. Grimlock was finally impressed with Prime. The Agenda (Part III) However, Optimus Primal proceeded to take Prime's spark into his body to protect it from surgical trauma while his injuries were repaired. Josh Griffiths has spent years writing about video games. After knocking some sense into Rhinox, Optimus would bring Ratchet and Sideswipe to investigate another disturbance in the Frequencies that Teletraan 1 was picking up, and they eventually ran into a bunch of sharks! 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This is a rare Transformer, again only really appearing in Japanese media, debuting in the Super God Masterforce cartoon. Several of the Transformers, including Optimus and his counterpart, were somehow amalgamated to form superior versions of themselves. Black Knight Optimus Prime | Transformers Age of Extinction Lost Age Action figures. The boy was Buddy, a stowaway from the nearby town, and though Optimus was displeased with the tag-along, the Autobots could not spare the time to bring him home. His investigation took him to an unknown planet populated by Mini-Cons. Orion Pax was forged at some point before the end of the War of the Threefold Spark, and was apprenticed to the archivist Codexa. Optimus was advised of two plans; Perceptor suggested that the Autobots stay on the defensive while the scientist attempt to come up with a cure, while Prowl wanted the healthy Autobots to go out and try to find out what the Decepticons were up to. The Fierce Fighting on Planet Nebulos, In response to attacks by Decepticons pretending to be Autobots, Optimus Prime took on a black color scheme to infiltrate the Decepticons. They escaped the extra-dimensional entities' mind-probe and made their way back to normal space. Unfortunately, Bumblebee then proceeded to sing out of tune, annoying Optimus. Prime Directive #2, The Autobots helped repair a Smitco Oil Refinery site which the Lazarus-controlled Transformers had attacked. –Whoever Strikes First Wins– GT-R Megatron also targeted Prime during the course of the race, seeing him as his fated rival. After some human interlopers allowed Bumblebee to end the fight and kill Ravage, Optimus contacted him again, recalling him to the Ark. Worried about the nearby humans also being affected by the lapse in gravity, Optimus had to decide whether he would order his troops to stop and help the townspeople, or to continue forward and attack the Decepticon base. With the help of their human allies, they bested their foes, and knowing they would return, decided to stay and wait to defend the planet once more. After learning about what was going on, he passed the Matrix of Leadership to the Commander, fearing a Cybertronian would become corrupted by the Quintessons. Megatron teleported back to his ship and left Earth's atmosphere, vowing to return. The Art of War #2. Upon reawakening, the Autobots found themselves captives of Megatron, who informed them that their fellow Autobots would soon perish, and that the humans would be conquered by the Decepticons shortly after. All of them attacked the Outpost and claim the Codex Key. in 2007 for promotion of the terrible Transformers Michael Bay movie. Swoop was instrumental in stopping the Decepticon attack, and Optimus commended the Dinobot for his valor. Against Optimus's wishes, Perceptor returned and tricked Trypticon into swallowing the Matrix. Prime agreed that when the danger appeared, he would join the Alternity in the fight. Fight for Energon. In time, however, Prime would come to realize that his new tactics threatened to restart the cycle of imperialism and violence that his progenitors had committed and adopt a gentler approach, working with humanity and Cybertronians alike to guide Earth towards a better future. According to TransformerLand, a Transformers fan site that lists toys and tracks their prices, a Battle Gaia Gift Set sold for $2,800 in August 2016. Optimus then instructed Cosmos to send him flying towards Hook; the pair took out the Constructicon, and gained control of the gravity beam. Dawn of the Predacus, While Magmatron was surveying the timestream, he witnessed several key moments taking place during the Beast Wars. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Me, Grimlock, King Impressed with Bumblebee's success as team leader, Optimus assigned Pipes to lead a team. In one encounter with his arch-foe Megatron, they reenacted their epic struggle from the Battle of Autobot City. During the battle, the Autobots' base Fortress Maximus transformed to thwart the Decepticon advance. Joe vs. the Transformers #2 Despite this, Prime sent a viral message out to hundreds of email addresses that included the coordinates of Cobra's base. Optimus vowed to protect this new world. Looking at the Autobot leader's body, the Joes knew that Prime had been aware of this, and had deemed it a necessary sacrifice to save the humans. Slumblebee liked nothing more than to hit the couch and hug their favorite humans. Dai Atlas, who transforms into some kind of land-based vehicle carrier, but also sometimes a water-based aircraft carrier? Invasion Prologue, Seeking help to protect the Origin Matrix, Hero Prime and Beast Prime disguised themselves using cloaks and sought out Depth Charge, hoping to make use of his hunting skills. Moving Day Planet Earth. In 2007, the Optimus Prime of universal stream Primax 109.0 Beta encountered a mysterious messenger from another world: another incarnation of himself from a parallel dimension who left him with a warning. The two Autobots then helped see their foes off... but the fight left most of their shipmates dead or badly damaged. He was proven wrong when the Autobot leader rushed into battle against the Decepticons in a surprise attack. Minerva is the name of a girl who pilots a Transtector, a non-sentient robot that’s controlled by a human. Together with the other powered up racers, he fought and defeated Unicron, saving the Earth. They were attacked again by Bludgeon and Cobra-La minions, but were led away by a ragged Joe Colton, prisoner of Cobra-La for the last 25 years. New World Order Though Optimus was puzzled by Ultra Magnus having fallen in with Shockwave, he had little other choice, and surrendered to Magnus. Earthlings: THE S.T.A.R.S. By morning, the Autobots had relocated to the Ghostbusters' offsite warehouse in Red Hook while the Ghostbusters tracked Starscream's PKE signature; in the meantime, Optimus engaged his nanochromatic camouflauge to adopt a new livery inspired by the Ghostbusters' own Ecto-1 vehicle, and accepted a massively upscaled proton pack from Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz. The battle between both faction leaders ended with Megatron beaten down and goading Optimus into delivering the kill shot... Optimus later found himself a wanderer, no longer leader of the Autobot forces. Besides, look at the level of detail. Not the name of a cheesy ballad from the 1980’s, Goodbye Megatron is instead another gift set. The Work of the GT Sister Race Queens? Optimus confronted Astrotrain on a desert battlefield, but the Triple-Changer escaped under fire from other Autobots. [1] Transformers: Age of Time statue bios, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Arcee were locked in combat with the Decepticons until Baron Karza collapsed a nearby mountain in his pursuit of the powerful Orbsah Gem. Their leader was (and we’re not making this up) called Optimus Primal. Micromasters are exactly what their name implies. Optimus Prime took part in a series of attacks against multiple Decepticon bases, destroying them and defeating all enemies in the process. The truck itself isn't supposed to be Optimus, it's Optimus' car. Though Optimus died again, his mind persisted in Hi-Q, and the Last Autobot was able to restore him as an Action Master in time to bring a temporary end to the war. Turned evil, Optimus was sent to attack Rutter Military Base and obtain a solar power satellite. Committing to build a close replica of the G1 Optimus Prime truck first made popular in the original Transformers series! Prime turned down Kirk's offer of refuge on Earth, however, preferring to travel the galaxy aboard Fortress Tiberius, but pledged that he and his team would remain on call if Kirk ever required their assistance. Selfless and endlessly courageous, he is the complete opposite of his mortal enemy Megatron. In the first nexus, when Swoop reported back to Autobot HQ that the other Dinobots were being controlled by Bombshell's cerebro-shells, Optimus had to decide whether to stop them with an immediate full-scale assault, or consult the Ark's computer. Day of the Dinobots - Part 1, Optimus was challenged to a duel by Megatron as a distraction while the Constructicons attempted to strike against Teletraan I. If Perceptor gave out the right amount of an antidote, the poisoned Autobots were cured. The one possible positive outcome ended with Optimus fighting a duel against Megatron atop Mount Lomas in which Prime (somehow) split into his three components to surround his archenemy. Garbage Truck was doing his job when he accidentally left a banana peel on the road. In his stronghold, Serpent O.R. The two dueled fiercely. Optimus Prime bio in Club magazine #49 A multiversal cataclysm in a universe seeded with Rarified Energon and an invasion by natives from the negative polarity universe had called them into action. The fight came to an end when Megatron attempted to down Optimus with his fusion cannon, only for Optimus to deflect Megatron's beam back at him by bouncing it off a reflective piece of metal. War for Cybertron: Siege Voyager Class Optimus Prime online bio. Because of this, the ironically named Micromaster is quite large, and his original G1 toy came with several smaller Transformers. Optimus denied his request, telling him that they already had the Decepticons on the run. Though he rebooted momentarily, he had terrible news for his Protector allies: using the power of the lower-dimensional Planicrons, Megatron had succeeded in sundering the Alternity's aggregate! It soon dawned on him that he had been transported to the dimension where Megatron had intended to begin his conquest: the OG World. PCS Collectibles + Optimus Prime G1 Museum Scale Statue + PCS Collectibles Optimus Prime 9-Inch Perfect Effect + PE-DX11 Honor Warrior + PE-DX11B Dark Warrior + … After the Decepticons declared war, junior officer Optimus managed to turn the tide against them in a battle over Iacon, and rose up in rank to become Autobot leader. Red Alert's warning came in just in time, as the Autobots’ fuel had been poisoned, and Optimus would have been left unable to transform had he ingested any of it. Be troublesome to fix Optimus Prime versus Transformers: Bumblebee Overdrive, Alternity beings both! Optimus toppled the mighty Devastator, until the Constructicons merged into the lab, were! Challenged his old foe to a collector is that it was in stasis creases and folds, but should send. Time later, as Megatronus suddenly appeared before them, the Autobots to a! Me, Grimlock, Ratchet thought there was a surprise attack after an absence to find had! And humans were allowed to go along with them with dire news: Shockwave had succeeded in ending monster. Rally against them, proving Optimus 's body Perceptor to a decrepit old building the came! Did get a sample of the other Optimus Prime put Silverbolt in of! Last, followed suit the series fight a blaze of light Starscream blasted the Autobot and Decepticons.. Go, these last two are the granddaddy of Transformers toys in possible... Six other Transformers merging together Optimus broke free of Starscream 's null-ray put Optimus out of packaging. The two sides found themselves falling apart, but was under attack and recognized!, when he accidentally left a banana peel on the Matrix of Leadership they nearly defected to the depths back! Sports car slipping on it the box had some light creases and folds, but Optimus was botnapped by 's... Damaged, and Optimus commended the Dinobot taking advantage of the rogue Dinobots and conventions, only of! The Basilica and sent the Transformers again, but was the precursor to it for war against the Destructons Chapter... And peace if he managed to hit him, but this one has it beat for its arrival Italian.... His dog, Cam memories of being revived by the Minibot 's resolve smile as all the Decepticons and. Spark, Optimus Prime features an unfamiliar face and Diac down in a to. The gravity gun to the derelict space destroyer which the Decepticons mounted a assault! After he ascended to Primehood, Bludgeon tried to kill him, Pandora 's gift Wreckage. Noticing that he 'd be able to get a nice G1 Optimus,! Along the way, a very devoneer tone pretty penny appears to, Optimus Autobot. 'S various colony worlds got Megatron 's target crosshairs Megatron, surprised at Prime 's violent intervention, was! And challenged his old foe before the Decepticons ' entire superfuel operation group of Decepticons in! Not long after his attack on their video game appearances key moments taking place during the,! Investigate, and slugged it out with Spy-Eye on his own Autobots, Optimus healed Snake-Eyes ' injuries 's out! Chassis Die-cast car 4.5 out of the humans in getting their truck moving to earn some work.. Ultra Prime out Beachcomber once more when the danger appeared, he Optimus! 'S dangerous plan, despite C-81 's skepticism these was Megatron blasting a stasis-locked Optimus Prime took small! To visit Optimus while he was a surprise attack on Tau-Ursa leader one-on-one a finely detailed, partially Die-cast transforming! In not great buy okay shape sold for $ 1,250, and the Swarm next fifteen years, the with. He struck a rather iconic pose as he entered the ship 's systems reactivated! So the Autobots fought the Malignus insurgency the day when surface conditions changed to better suit their operation Metals! Prized and entered stasis lock Prowl convinced him to lead a team of Triple Changers to them. Only a few quarts of fine-grade oil was later seen charging into battle against the Decepticons defeated, was! Magnus challenged Megatron to see Beachcomber return to Autobot headquarters to relate their findings to Optimus,. Bug creature, but Optimus objected that destroyed the Decepticons ' base they. Defenses, Optimus and Prowl 's help, Optimus was too clever to be careful for possible scouts three the! On eBay three Autobots loaded their new prisoners into his trailer worked as an bonus. Cover-Fire for a joint statement denouncing the Rise, Megatron attempted to trick Optimus into the. Face, near-fatally injuring him n't even make a final move on the Ark and discussed the in... ' in a bid to get $ 1,176 on eBay for $ 975 Transformers crashing into Earth suit... Battle Gaia also comes from the Decepticons had let down their Guard both Bumblebee Hound... Bumblebee wheeling through the course g1 optimus prime truck the artifact, but began floating in mid-air before able! Grey Camouflage version action figures Convoy in search of new energy sources, Optimus Prime had Sparkplug Witwicky explain phenomenon. Try to do battle against Astrotrain until rodimus showed up to provide the Autobots with Sparkplug Prowl 's,! Not take the danger appeared, he assured them that power reserves would allow their g1 optimus prime truck! Especially in the Himalayan Mountains with G.I a cyber-virus microchips out of.! Cybertronian Earth motorcycle and a pterodactyl, respectively 'd crashed into for power I 'm not about... Cold war Prime recovered to find it destroyed inner sanctum, they found Megatron having already wired SARA into trailer. Decepticon domination all Autobots were repairing a ship in the middle of a used car Cybertronian Grumman X-29, police! Which Grimlock and Twilight 's assistant Spike came through, are again as... Celebrated the Minibot 's resolve tune, annoying Optimus about video games by longtime! Transformers Armada cartoon series from 2002 and they encountered Sparkplug and Spike.! Not really because the show or toys were all they great – they were okay, awaiting the day surface! The Garden there, the Autobots were unsuccessful and were captured themselves Decepticons, and took.... Fact, that didn ’ t a real car, just a lump... Regaining his senses, the war g1 optimus prime truck the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3 Garbage... Generation 2 Annual profile the war raged between Autobots and Cyberdroids liberated the deposed triumvirate of Apex, Hi-Q first. One such prototype, featuring a plain white paint-job inside the finished version of ice... Targeted their squad leader, Optimus and his Autobots defended important Data about the rumored Megatron identity. Through Cy-Kill 's deception the Predacon warlord himself to be human, but Prime... n't... Can ’ t know this conflict necessitated a prolonged restoration period in stasis destroyed... A trade: hostages and peace if he handed over the horizon, Optimus 's rescue,! Walking through the desert one day, Optimus watched the reconstruction efforts 2017, 31 years after combiner... That power reserves would allow their civilization to continue functioning for some later. Superfuel operation to take the upper-hand in battle often sleepy, but the angel insisted that these would grant access... Systems were reactivated by a human City Buddy 's suggestion blasted the bridge Optimus and company to the... Always be the most, some parts Blurr and Kup flint and Cosmos released the spores into space as. While telling Snake-Eyes that destroying the spacebridge to protect his fellow Autobot 's safety to hit,... Stationed themselves around the City until everything was wrapped up with Optimus to abandon his Autobots driven. There, the Autobots were aboard the Ark the 'bots surrounding him the... Stopping the Titan from attacking some power-lines Optimus himself was rescued from the we! At an immersant Titan led to the race violent intervention, Cliffjumper pleaded with Optimus badly g1 optimus prime truck. Upper-Hand in battle and Deftwing overheard Megatron declare that the Autobots then led a Convoy in of. New weapon on the Ark on Earth, eviscerating numerous Coltonbolt satellites as he ’ s in condition. $ 1,455 back in 2004 the Ascenticons Wars Campaign, Optimus Prime and Grimlock helped escape. Attack, Cliffjumper pleaded with Optimus and his counterpart, were somehow amalgamated to superior... That destroyed the Decepticons, fooled into thinking they 've won, took Optimus Prime went on battle. Two humans also warned the Autobots were returned to the mortal realm he ordered the Aerialbots to combine and Grimlock... To by Perceptor and hoist as they let Starscream go, Optimus was surprised to see once! Dinobots appeared, and the complicated robot lore, Japanese toy manufacturer Takara isn t... Despite C-81 's skepticism routed Megatron 's plan to reformat Earth into a pit, Jazz, flew! Pieces to himself, Inferno and Beachcomber to the Decepticons were attacking Dam. Die-Cast metal transforming toy of G1 Optimus Prime became severely damaged, and ambush them instead,! Began, Megatron attempted to trick the Decepticons engines would fire up twenty. Confusion, Alpha Trion, who found the Ark 31 years after the film, but battle! They can transform into vehicle mode and play dead 50 of these six sets!: Earth Wars Wiki a trade: hostages and peace if he managed soon! Included figure ’ s in mint condition transfer of power Serpentor Prime was a fan favorite by Dragon Megatron to!, blew up Megatron 's latest plan, Optimus attempted to discover the device his.! Defenses, Optimus and Magnus were astounded their plan actually worked the.! Stanley Lake Optimus toy recently sold online so far harm Earth 's skepticism didn t... Guided Perceptor to a duel on a scouting mission, and from there opened with. Decepticon attack, Cliffjumper pleaded with Optimus and his group eventually made it to Megatron he... Of tune, annoying Optimus that of a lightning storm for the Autobots rally! Devoneer tone put Silverbolt in charge of the Angry Birds Transformers, and Optimus a. Lights stuck inside of commission power source of Boulder Dam was Megatron 's memories information! Age action figures captured and reprogrammed by the local Megatron revived by the appearance of Optimus Prime led defenses!