Go to the Card File command centre and click Create Personalised Letters.    
Ideal for businesses needing to verify that their customer actually resides at the address provided during an online signup process. Handle Lob.com webhooks in a Laravel application.     height: 10.625in; Install Blockspring for Google Sheets. Learn more. Perfect for real estate professionals to market their past successes in order to acquire new buyers or sellers along some segmentation criteria (for example, those in a particular geographic area or targeting a certain type of property). Lob provides direct mail and address verification APIs that allow businesses to send timely, personalized, automated offline communications to their customers. If you can create a comprehensive and strategically-formulated cover letter, then you can have higher chances of getting a call for an interview or for the next phases of the recruitment. Send your existing customers a timely postcard to remind them about your products or services, and consider offering an incentive offer to make a repeat purchase. Lob.com Sample Letter